caktus ai review

Caktus AI: Honest Review (Is it really good in 2024?)

Caktus AI, a free AI assistant designed for students, is our focus in this detailed review. We delve into how it aims to assist students in their academic journey, offering diverse tools for learning and homework.

In our review of Caktus AI, we will examine its features like writing assistance, math and science problem-solving, coding help, and its integration with academic resources. We aim to provide a comprehensive look at its effectiveness and usability for students.

Caktus AI Review: Quick Overview

Writing ToolsParagraph, hook, sentence expanders; story, conclusion, essay, email writers; text generator
Academic SupportMath word problem solver, academic source integration, personalized writing style
Creativity EnhancersPoem, story, lyrics generators
Productivity AidsText summarizer, text humanizer, sentence counter, content detector
Specialized ToolsDiscussion board response generator, paragraph rewriter

Caktus AI offers an extensive range of tools focused on writing assistance, academic support, creativity enhancement, and productivity aids. From generating paragraphs and poems to solving math problems and personalizing writing styles, it’s designed to be a comprehensive aid for students.

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Caktus AI Pros and Cons

Caktus AI stands out for its diverse range of tools aimed at writing assistance, academic support, and creative enhancement, tailored for students. However, it might overwhelm users with its vast array of features, and there’s a risk of over-reliance on AI for academic tasks.


  • Extensive writing and academic tools
  • Personalization of writing style
  • Integration with academic sources
  • Creativity and productivity aids


  • Plagiarism concerns with AI-generated content

Caktus AI Pricing

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Base Plan$14.99/month$6.67/month ($79.99 billed annually)
Pro Plan$19.99/month$8.33/month ($99.99 billed annually)
Data taken on 14 Feb 24.

Base Plan Features

  • Classes helper
  • Writing tools
  • Math & science tools
  • Coding tools

Pro Plan Features

  • AI Detection Tool
  • Priority Support
  • Discord Community Role
  • Access to Latest Beta Tools
  • Pro Newsletter

Does Caktus AI offer a free trial?

Caktus AI does not mention a free trial in the pricing information. It offers monthly and annual subscription plans with the option to cancel anytime.

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is a study tool designed to enhance your learning with an affordable AI assistant. It helps you:

  • Write better papers
  • Understand math and science concepts
  • Learn coding in various languages
  • Format text documents for submission
  • Personalize your writing style

Caktus AI: Key Features and Functionalities

  • Writing Assistance: Helps in writing better papers and essays.
  • Math and Science Help: Offers step-by-step solutions for complex problems.
  • Coding Support: Provides help in various programming languages like Python and Java.
  • Document Formatting: Assists in preparing documents for submission.
  • Personalized Writing: Learns your writing style for customized assistance.
  • Paragraph Generator: Quickly creates tailored paragraphs.
  • Educational Buddy: Acts as a personal education assistant.
  • Diverse Tools: Offers a range of 40 different tools for academic tasks.

How does Caktus AI work?

  • Go to the Caktus AI website.
  • Choose a tool based on your need: writing, math & science, coding, or document formatting.
  • For writing help, use the writing assistant for essays, citations, and academic sources.
  • For math and science, get step-by-step solutions using the math & science tool.
  • For coding, select from over 10 languages for coding help.
  • Use the text editor to format documents for submission, with access to 100% academic sources.
  • Chat with Caktus AI for personalized homework assistance.
  • Personalize Caktus to your writing style by uploading a sample of your writing.

How easy is it to set up and use Caktus AI?

To sign up with Caktus AI, go to their website and create an account. You can choose the tool you need for your specific task, like writing assistance or math problem-solving. Once you register, you can start using the tool right away.

Caktus AI is designed to be user-friendly. The interface is straightforward, making it easy to find and use different functionalities. The process of setting up and personalizing the tool to your needs is simple. Whether you are writing an essay, solving a math problem, or working on coding, you can easily navigate to the appropriate tool and get started. Caktus AI is built with students in mind, ensuring that the interface and the tool’s functionalities are accessible and easy to use.

Caktus AI usage tips

  • Start with clear goals: Know what you want to achieve with the AI tool.
  • Explore all features: Familiarize yourself with the different functionalities.
  • Use help resources: Check guides or tutorials available within the tool.
  • Stay organized: Keep your tasks and projects structured.
  • Regular practice: Use the tool frequently to get more comfortable with it.
  • Stay updated: Keep an eye on any new features or updates.
  • Combine with traditional methods: Don’t rely solely on AI; mix it with standard learning techniques.
  • Follow ethical guidelines: Use the tool responsibly, especially in academic settings.

Caktus AI Customer Support and Guides

To reach out to Caktus AI’s support team, you can contact them via email. Their email address is This is the recommended way to get in touch with them for any questions, concerns, or complaints.

Does Caktus AI offer a money-back guarantee?

According to Caktus AI’s Terms of Service, they do not provide refunds after a product is purchased. The service deals with non-tangible, irrevocable goods, so it’s important to carefully read the service description before making a purchase to ensure it meets your needs.

Conclusion: Is Caktus AI the best choice for academic assistance?

Caktus AI stands out as a multifunctional tool tailored for students’ diverse academic needs, offering extensive writing, coding, and problem-solving features. It’s particularly beneficial for those seeking personalized assistance and academic source integration.

Choosing the right tool depends on individual requirements, budget, and expectations.

If you’re looking for comprehensive, multifaceted academic support and value personalized learning, Caktus AI is a solid choice. It’s affordable, with flexible pricing options.

However, if simplicity, budget constraints, or a focused toolset are your priorities, exploring other options might be more suitable. The best tool for you aligns with your specific educational goals and learning preferences.