PolitePost: Honest Review (Does the job well!)
PolitePost: Honest Review (Does the job well!)

PolitePost: Honest Review (Does the job well!)

PolitePost is an AI tool that promises to make your emails professional and safe for work. In this review, we explore its features and performance.

PolitePost stands out by focusing on workplace email safety and offering transparency about its privacy policies. It uses various AI models to provide effective results.

Rating Our thoughts
★★★★★ It’s free and safe. We loved it. Highly recommended!

We will review PolitePost’s key features, pricing, pros and cons, and user experience.

PolitePost Review: Quick Overview

PurposePolishes emails to be professional and safe for work
AI Models UsedLlama-3-8b-chat-hf, zephyr-7b-beta, NeuralHermes-2.5-Mistral-7B
Data PrivacyNo data storage or usage for model training
Platform SwitchesOpenAI to Microsoft to Anyscale
Token PricingCharges based on the number of tokens (approx. 75 words per 100 tokens)
Maximum Submission2,000 characters
Donation SupportUsers can support via donations

PolitePost uses a mix of AI models to polish emails, ensuring privacy and transparency about its services.

PolitePost Pros and Cons

PolitePost offers clear advantages and some drawbacks for users.


  • Free to use
  • Transparent about data privacy
  • No data storage or usage for model training
  • Simple and user-friendly interface


  • Limited to 2,000 characters per email
  • Mixed performance with different AI models
  • Not suitable for highly sensitive information

Overall, PolitePost is a useful tool for making emails professional and workplace-safe, with a focus on privacy.

PolitePost Pricing

PolitePost is free to use. However, users can support the service through donations to help cover operational costs.

Does PolitePost offer a free trial?

PolitePost is entirely free to use, so no trial is needed.

What is PolitePost?

PolitePost is an AI tool that helps users polish their emails to be professional and safe for work. It provides the following benefits:

  • Uses AI to rewrite emails
  • Ensures email content is workplace appropriate
  • Focuses on privacy and transparency

PolitePost: Key Features and Functionalities

  • AI Email Polishing: Transforms rough drafts into professional emails.
  • Data Privacy: Ensures user data is not stored or used for model training.
  • Cost Transparency: Clear information on operational costs and donation support.
  • User-friendly Interface: Simple to use with a focus on accessibility.
  • Multiple AI Models: Uses different models to balance cost and performance.
  • Character Limit: Limits emails to 2,000 characters to manage processing.
  • No Login Required: Easy access without tracking user identifiers.
  • Web Analytics: Basic analytics without tracking personal data.

How does PolitePost work?

  • Go to PolitePost.net
  • Write a rough draft of your email
  • Click “Fix My Email” to submit
  • The AI processes and polishes your email
  • Receive a professional and safe-for-work email

How easy is it to set up and use PolitePost?

Signing up is not required. Users can directly visit the website and start using the service. The interface is straightforward, making it easy to write, submit, and receive polished emails.

Tips for using PolitePost

  • Keep emails within the 2,000 character limit.
  • Avoid using sensitive information.
  • Use the service for making workplace communications professional.
  • Support the service through donations if you find it useful.

Conclusion: Is PolitePost the best choice for email polishing?

PolitePost offers a practical solution for making emails professional and safe for work. Its privacy focus and transparency make it a strong choice for users who need to polish their workplace communications.

We highly recommend it. We also recommend you to buy the developer a coffee if you find the tool useful.

Whether PolitePost is the best tool for you depends on your specific needs, budget, and expectations. If you prioritize data privacy and simplicity, PolitePost is worth considering.