Jammable(ex-Voicify): Honest Review (How good it is?)
Jammable(ex-Voicify): Honest Review (How good it is?)

Jammable(ex-Voicify): Honest Review (How good it is?)

Jammable, previously known as Voicify AI, is a tool designed to create AI-generated voice covers. In this review, we will assess how Jammable empowers users to transform their voice recordings into unique audio covers, exploring its usability and the innovation it brings to digital content creation.

Jammable offers a wide variety of voice models across diverse categories like cartoons, anime, gaming, and public figures, which allows users to create highly personalized voice covers.

The rebranding reflects the company’s shift from simply being an AI voice platform to expanding its offerings and providing new experiences for users.

In our review of Jammable, we will delve into its features, performance, pricing, and user interface. We aim to provide a thorough examination of how effectively this tool meets the needs of its users, focusing on its strengths and areas for improvement.

Rating Our thoughts
★★★★ Strikes a good balance between quality and price.

Jammable offers a variety of features that cater to users interested in AI-generated vocal content. Here’s an overview of the main functionalities available on the platform:

  • AI Voices: This feature includes a library of voices uploaded by the Jammable community. Users can access a diverse range of AI-generated voices for different projects.
  • Duets (New): A new addition to Jammable, the Duets feature allows users to create harmonized vocal tracks by combining multiple voices. This can be particularly useful for musicians or content creators looking to experiment with layered vocal effects.
  • Custom Voices: Users can train custom voice models using their own datasets. This feature is ideal for those who need a unique voice that isn’t readily available in the existing library.
  • AI Vocal Tools: This toolkit provides essential tools for manipulating and enhancing AI-generated vocals, making it easier for users to achieve the desired sound and quality in their projects.

These features make Jammable a versatile platform for users ranging from amateur creators to professional artists looking to explore and expand their vocal projects with AI technology.

Jammable Review: Quick overview

AI VoicesAccess a wide range of community-uploaded voices.
DuetsNew feature for creating vocal duets from multiple voices.
Custom VoicesTrain unique voices using personal datasets.
AI Vocal ToolsTools for editing and enhancing AI-generated vocal tracks.

The table summarizes the main features of Jammable, highlighting its versatility in voice manipulation, from accessing a vast library of voices to creating custom vocal tracks and enhancing them with specialized tools.

Jammable Pros and Cons

Jammable offers innovative tools that allow users to create unique audio projects with AI-generated voices, enhancing creativity in digital content creation. However, it may require technical know-how to fully utilize its custom voice training and advanced vocal tools, which might be challenging for beginners.


  • Wide variety of AI voices
  • Ability to create harmonized duets
  • Custom voice training for unique needs
  • Comprehensive vocal editing toolkit


  • May be complex for beginners
  • Requires technical understanding for custom voices
  • Dependence on user-generated content quality

Jammable Pricing

PackageFirst Month PriceRegular Monthly Price
Power User€89.99€89.99
  • Starter:
    • 25 Credits Per Month
    • Credits Never Expire
    • 25 Credits -> 25 Conversions
    • The Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit
    • Create Shareable Videos
    • Text to Speech Access
  • Creator:
    • Unlimited Generation Credits
    • 3 Monthly Custom Models
    • Priority Queue
    • The Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit
    • 24/7 Support
    • Create Shareable Videos
    • Text to Speech Access
  • Power User:
    • Unlimited Generation Credits
    • 10 Monthly Custom Models
    • Early Access to Features
    • Priority Queue
    • The Essential AI Vocal Tool Kit
    • 24/7 Support
    • Text to Speech Access

Does Jammable offer a free trial?

Jammable does not explicitly mention a free trial on the pricing page. Instead, they offer a significant discount for the first month for new users in the Starter and Creator packages.

Tips for using Jammable

  • Start with the Starter Package: Try the Starter package first to see if it meets your needs before upgrading.
  • Explore All Features: Use all features like AI Voices and Custom Voices to fully understand what Jammable offers.
  • Use the Tutorials: Jammable might have tutorials; watch them to learn quickly.
  • Ask for Support: If you have questions, use the 24/7 support available in the Creator and Power User packages.
  • Experiment: Try different voices and tools to see which works best for your project.

Conclusion: Is Jammable the best choice for creating AI-generated voice covers?

Jammable offers a range of tools and features that are suitable for anyone looking to create AI-generated voice covers, from beginners to power users. Its pricing tiers cater to different needs and budgets, making it accessible for users who just want to experiment or professionals needing advanced features.

The best choice of tool for you depends on what you need to do, how much you are willing to spend, and what you expect from the tool.

If you’re new to AI voice creation, starting with Jammable’s discounted Starter package might be a good idea. For more intensive needs, such as frequent creation of custom voices and priority support, the Creator or Power User packages would be more appropriate. Evaluate your requirements and the features Jammable offers to determine if it is the right tool for your voice creation projects.