Oxolo: Honest Review (Is it really good in 2024?)
Oxolo: Honest Review (Is it really good in 2024?)

Oxolo: Honest Review (Is it really good in 2024?)

Oxolo promises to make video creation easy and accessible. This review explores how it helps users create professional videos quickly using AI.

Oxolo stands out with its user-friendly interface and advanced AI features that simplify video creation, even for beginners.

Rating Our thoughts
★★★★ Strikes a good balance between quality and price. Good depth of resources and integrations.

We will review Oxolo’s features, ease of use, pros and cons, and overall performance.

Oxolo Review: Quick Overview

Oxolo AI
PurposeAI-powered video creation
Main UseMarketing, product training, sales communication
Key FeaturesTemplates, AI voices, multilingual support, analytics
Supported Languages65+ languages
Free TrialYes
PricingVarious plans available
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface

Oxolo is an AI-powered tool for creating professional videos quickly. It offers various features like templates, AI voices, and multilingual support, making it ideal for marketing and communication.

Oxolo Pros and Cons

Oxolo offers powerful AI features and an easy-to-use interface. It simplifies video creation for all users.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports 65+ languages
  • High-quality AI voices
  • Comprehensive templates and media library
  • Strong data analytics tools


  • Some advanced features may require a learning curve
  • Pricing can be high for premium features

Oxolo Pricing

PlanMonthly PriceCredits per MonthFeatures
Free$015Access 10 templates, 50 languages, up to 3 video scenes, 5 actors
Basic$59.99100Access 20 templates, 50 languages, up to 8 video scenes, 10 actors, color branding
Business$499.00600Access 25 templates, 50 languages, up to 10 video scenes, 16 actors, stock images, API, watermark free, analytical tools, upload own media, voice dictionary, commercial licenses, priority customer support
EnterpriseCustomCustomAll Business features plus additional customization and support
  • Free Plan: Access to 10 templates, 50 languages, up to 3 video scenes, and 5 actors. Includes 15 credits per month.
  • Basic Plan: Priced at $59.99 per month or $599.88 annually. Provides 20 templates, 50 languages, up to 8 video scenes, 10 actors, and color branding. Includes 100 credits per month.
  • Business Plan: Priced at $499.00 per month or $4,788.00 annually. Offers 25 templates, 50 languages, up to 10 video scenes, 16 actors, stock images, API access, watermark-free videos, analytical tools, the ability to upload own media, voice dictionary, commercial licenses, and priority customer support. Includes 600 credits per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing with all Business features plus additional customization and support. Credits per month are customizable.

Does Oxolo offer a free trial?

Yes, Oxolo offers a free plan that allows users to access 10 templates, 50 languages, up to 3 video scenes, and 5 actors. The free plan includes 15 credits per month.

What is Oxolo?

Oxolo is an AI-powered video creation tool designed to help businesses create professional videos quickly and easily. It offers various features to enhance video marketing, training, and communication efforts.

  • AI Video Generation: Create videos using advanced AI technology.
  • Templates: Access a wide range of video templates.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports over 65 languages.
  • AI Voices: Choose from 600 natural-sounding AI voices.
  • Customization: Add logos, branding, and custom content.
  • Data & Analytics: Gain insights into video performance and audience engagement.

Oxolo: Key Features and Functionalities

  • Templates Collection: A variety of ready-to-use templates for different purposes.
  • Music Library: Access to a library of background music.
  • Hyper-Realistic Avatars: Use realistic avatars for personalized videos.
  • Stock Images & Videos: Incorporate stock media into your videos.
  • Script Assistant: AI-assisted scriptwriting.
  • Multi-Scene Videos: Create videos with multiple scenes.
  • Subtitles: Add subtitles in different languages.
  • Video Sharing: Easily share your videos on various platforms.

How does Oxolo work?

  • Go to Oxolo’s Website: Visit Oxolo’s website and sign up for an account.
  • Select a Template: Choose from a variety of templates suitable for your video.
  • Pick a Language and Voice: Select the desired language and AI voice.
  • Add Media: Upload your images, videos, and other media elements.
  • Generate Video: Use the AI tools to generate your video.
  • Edit and Finalize: Make any necessary edits and finalize your video for sharing.

How easy is it to set up and use Oxolo?

Signing Up:
To sign up with Oxolo, visit their website and create an account. You can start with a free plan or choose a subscription that fits your needs.

Ease of Use:
Oxolo has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The platform provides clear instructions and helpful tools to guide users through the video creation process. All functionalities are accessible and straightforward, making it simple for beginners to use.

Examples Oxolo helping businesses

KTI Multimedia

KTI Multimedia, a consultancy specializing in cross-media business fields and digital marketing strategies, faced the challenge of introducing a groundbreaking innovation to the market. They needed to captivate their audience’s attention using cutting-edge technologies.

KTI Multimedia harnessed the power of Oxolo’s state-of-the-art video platform to create captivating video content. This strategy effectively communicated the innovation’s value and potential, leveraging the impact of videos over traditional text-based communication.


  • Increased Attention: Attracted a larger audience and held their attention.
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: Encouraged active participation.
  • Innovative Launches: Captivating videos contributed to early adoption and positive feedback during public presentations.


STRATIC, a renowned luggage manufacturer with a 75-year history, sought a smarter and faster solution to produce engaging videos that communicate their sustainability initiatives while maintaining high production standards.

STRATIC turned to Oxolo’s generative AI video creation tool to automate and expedite the video creation process. Oxolo allowed them to produce high-quality, visually appealing videos in a more sustainable way.


  • Video Streamlining: Reduced time and effort for video creation, enhancing efficiency.
  • Increased Visibility: Enhanced brand image among eco-conscious consumers.
  • Effective Communication: Effectively communicated their commitment to sustainability through engaging videos.

Tips for using Oxolo

  • Explore Templates: Make use of Oxolo’s diverse range of templates to find the best fit for your video needs.
  • Utilize AI Voices: Experiment with different AI voices to find the one that best suits your brand’s tone.
  • Leverage Multilingual Support: Create videos in multiple languages to reach a broader audience.
  • Add Custom Media: Incorporate your own images, videos, and logos to personalize your content.
  • Use Subtitles: Add subtitles to make your videos more accessible and engaging.
  • Analyze Performance: Regularly check the data and analytics provided by Oxolo to understand your audience’s engagement.
  • Start with Free Plan: Utilize the free plan to get accustomed to Oxolo’s features before upgrading.
  • Engage with Avatars: Use hyper-realistic avatars to add a personal touch to your videos.

Conclusion: Is Oxolo the best choice for product oriented video creation?

Oxolo offers a powerful set of tools for creating professional and engaging videos. Its user-friendly interface, extensive template collection, and advanced AI features make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their video marketing, training, and communication strategies.

The decision to use Oxolo depends on your specific needs, budget, and expectations. For those requiring high-quality, customizable videos with minimal effort, Oxolo is a strong contender. Its ability to streamline video creation and provide insightful analytics makes it an excellent choice for both small businesses and large enterprises.