SillyTavern: Honest Review (It is great!)
SillyTavern: Honest Review (It is great!)

SillyTavern: Honest Review (It is great!)

SillyTavern promises to enhance interaction with AI language models. In this review, we explore how it enables users to chat and roleplay with custom characters, making AI interactions more dynamic.

SillyTavern stands out from its competitors by offering a highly customizable user interface and support for extensions. It also provides easy prompt crafting and mobile support, making it accessible and versatile.

Rating Our thoughts
★★★★★ Great tool with great community! Highly specified.

We are reviewing SillyTavern’s features, usability, and performance. We will look at its unique aspects, how it compares to similar tools, and its overall value for users.

SillyTavern Review: Quick overview

SillyTavern AI
Customizable UIChange background, UI colors, chat size, and avatar styles
ExtensionsSupports community and official extensions
Prompt CraftingEasy to use prompt fields including NSFW and Jailbreak
Mobile SupportAccessible on computer and mobile browser
Chat OptionsIndividual and group chats with multiple characters
Chat BookmarksBookmark chat points for easy navigation

SillyTavern offers customizable UI, prompt crafting, mobile support, and extensions. Users can chat with individual or multiple characters, and bookmark chat points for easy navigation.

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SillyTavern Pros and Cons

SillyTavern offers many customization options and is easy to use on both computers and mobile devices. It supports extensions, making it versatile, but some users may find the setup complex and lack of official support a downside.


  • Highly customizable UI
  • Supports extensions
  • Easy prompt crafting
  • Mobile support
  • Chat bookmarks


  • Complex setup for some users
  • Lack of official support

What is SillyTavern?

SillyTavern is a user interface for interacting with text generation AIs. It helps you chat and roleplay with characters.

  • Allows custom character creation
  • Supports individual and group chats
  • Easy prompt crafting
  • Works on computers and mobile devices
  • Offers customization options
  • Supports extensions for added features
  • Includes chat bookmarks for easy navigation
  • Provides community and official support

SillyTavern: Key features and functionalities

  • Customizable UI: Change background, UI colors, chat size, and avatar styles to suit your preferences.
  • Extensions Support: Add new features from the community and official developers to enhance functionality.
  • Prompt Crafting: Use easy-to-fill prompt fields to guide AI responses in various scenarios.
  • Mobile Support: Access SillyTavern on your computer or mobile browser for convenience.
  • Individual and Group Chats: Chat with one character or multiple characters simultaneously.
  • Chat Bookmarks: Bookmark specific points in chats for quick navigation and future reference.
  • Community Support: Get help and share experiences with other users in the community.
  • Character Card Repository: Access a moderated collection of character cards for diverse roleplaying options.

How does SillyTavern work?

  • Go to the SillyTavern website.
  • Download the application for your operating system.
  • Install the application on your computer or mobile device.
  • Open the application and follow the setup instructions.
  • Connect to an AI backend (like OpenAI or KoboldAI).
  • Create or select a character from the character card repository.
  • Start a chat session with the character.
  • Use prompt fields to guide the conversation.

How easy is it to set up and use SillyTavern?

To sign up with SillyTavern, go to the website and download the application. Follow the installation instructions for your device. No formal sign-up process is needed, but you must connect to an AI backend to use the tool.

The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customization options and prompt fields are straightforward. However, initial setup might be a bit complex for new users, but once set up, finding and using all functionalities is simple.

Tips for using SillyTavern

  • Start with simple prompts to understand how the AI responds.
  • Customize the UI to make the interface comfortable for you.
  • Use chat bookmarks to keep track of important points in your conversation.
  • Experiment with different characters and scenarios to explore the tool’s potential.
  • Join the community for support and to share tips.
  • Regularly check for updates and new extensions.
  • Keep your AI backend updated for the best performance.
  • Use clear and specific prompts for more accurate responses.

Conclusion: Is SillyTavern the best choice for AI chat and roleplay?

SillyTavern is a versatile and customizable tool for interacting with AI characters.

It offers many features, including a customizable UI, support for extensions, and mobile access. This makes it a strong choice for users who enjoy detailed and varied AI interactions.

However, the best tool for you depends on your needs, budget, and expectations. If you need a highly customizable interface and extensive features, SillyTavern is a great choice.