Simplified review: pros, cons, pricing, and more (2024)

This article dives into a detailed review of Simplified, an AI-powered tool that’s shaking up the marketing world. We’re exploring this tool because it promises to make marketing tasks like writing, designing, and managing social media much easier and faster.

What makes Simplified really stand out is its all-in-one approach. Unlike other tools that focus on just one aspect of marketing, Simplified brings together AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and social media management in one handy package.

Simplified Review: Quick Overview

FeatureSimplified (Score out of 10)
Ease of Use6
Customer Service7


Simplified is a versatile tool designed to simplify (no pun intended) tasks for marketing professionals. It includes tools for AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and social media management. It’s also highly stable and customizable, making it a reliable tool that offers you quality output based on your inputs. Simplified offers a limited free plan, but paid plans’ pricing level may be a concern for some users.

Main features

  • Multi-functional marketing AI tool
  • Customizable templates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Competitive pricing and a free limited trial
  • Integrations with popular tools and platforms

Simplified Pros and Cons

Simplified offers a unique mix of tools for marketers and content creators. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for marketing, combining AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and social media tools in one place.

This makes work easier and more fun because you can do so many things without switching between different apps. However, because it does so much, it might not be as specialized in one area like tools that focus on just writing or just graphic design.

Overall, Simplified is great for those who want an all-in-one tool, but it might not be perfect for someone who needs very specific features in one area.


  • All-in-one solution – AI writer, graphic design, video editing, and social media tools
  • User-friendly – easy interface for beginners and professionals
  • Saves time – switch less between different apps
  • Great for small teams – handles multiple tasks, reducing the need for many tools
  • Free limited trial


  • Jack of all trades – may not have advanced features in specific areas.
  • Learning curve – with many features, it can take time to learn everything.
  • Paid plans get expensive – especially for larger teams

What is Simplified?

simplified homepage

Simplified is a versatile and powerful AI tool that combines various functionalities like graphic design, content writing, video editing, and social media management into one user-friendly platform.

This tool taps into the capabilities of AI to create top-tier content in various forms, making the entire process of content creation smoother and more efficient.

Simplified is designed for a wide range of users, including businesses, content creators, students, and general users. It’s particularly beneficial for marketing specialists, freelance writers, and customer service representatives who are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward solution for their content needs.

Whether you’re drafting high-quality content, generating engaging social media posts, or creating compelling graphics and videos, Simplified streamlines the process, making it a go-to choice for professionals seeking efficiency and creativity in their digital endeavors.

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Simplified: Key Features and Functionalities

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Simplified and how these could benefit your work:

FeatureBenefits for the user
AI writing assistanceSimplified’s AI Writer can generate over 80 types of copy, like blog posts, ads, social media content, and more. It’s great for creating unique, plagiarism-free content quickly and easily. This feature supports over 30 languages and can write in more than 10 different tones, making it super helpful for reaching a wide audience​​.
Graphic design toolsWith Simplified, you can design stunning graphics, combining creativity and efficiency. It’s perfect for marketing teams, creators, and businesses who need eye-catching visuals without spending too much time or money​​.
Video editing and creationCreate professional videos in minutes using Simplified’s video editing tools. It includes features for editing, transcribing, subtitling, and even animations, making it ideal for multi-channel marketing. You can choose from a vast library of free premium videos and GIFs, and there’s a collection of royalty-free audio clips too​​.
SEO-driven and plagiarism-Free content creationSimplified’s Long Form Writer allows you to write lengthy content like blogs, articles, and books quickly and without plagiarism. This feature is perfect for creating SEO-friendly content that can help increase your online presence​​.
Comprehensive social media managementPlan, publish, and analyze all your social media content in one place. Simplified offers a Chrome extension for easy posting, a link shortener for cleaner posts, and the ability to schedule up to 10,000 posts per channel​​.
Collaborative workflow managementSimplified provides a platform for modern marketing teams to collaborate efficiently. It offers unlimited workspaces, real-time comments on designs and copy, and shared folders for better project management​​.
Diverse AI-powered toolsOther features include an AI Image Generator, AI Presentation Maker, AI Blog Writer, AI Background Remover, and tools for creating engaging videos and Instagram Reels. These tools are designed to improve creativity, collaboration, and overall productivity​​.

How does Simplified Work?

Simplified is a web-based tool. This means that you need to have Internet access to work with the tool and save your progress.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how Simplified works:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for an account – you need to give some basic information like your name and email address
  3. Choose your tool – you can choose from AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and more
  4. Select your preferences – depending on the tool you choose, you’ll get to pick certain things like language, tone (if you’re writing), or design elements
  5. Enter your content or start designing – if you’re writing, you can start by typing in some initial ideas or content prompts. If you’re designing or editing videos, you’ll begin by choosing templates or uploading your own materials
  6. Use AI assistance – if you’re writing, the AI can suggest improvements or write parts of it for you. In design and video editing, AI can suggest layouts or enhancements
  7. Edit and finalize – you can edit and change anything you like until you’re happy with the final result
  8. Download or share your content – once your content is ready, you can download it to your computer or share it directly from Simplified. If it’s a social media post, you can even post it right from the platform

And that’s it! Using Simplified is like having a super-smart helper that makes creating content fun and easy.

How Easy is it to set up and use Simplified?


Signing up with Simplified is as easy as pie! All you need to do is visit their website and look for the sign-up option.

Usually, it just asks for some simple things like your name and email address. Sometimes, they might ask a little more about what you plan to do with Simplified, like if you’re going to use it for writing or designing.

After you fill in these details, you’re all set! You’ll get an account and can start exploring all the cool stuff Simplified offers.

Using Simplified is pretty straightforward too. The interface is designed to be super user-friendly. That means it’s simple to understand and use, even if you’re not a tech whiz.

Finding the different tools and features in Simplified is a breeze. Everything is clearly labeled and organized, so you won’t have to waste time hunting for what you need. Whether you’re writing, designing, or managing social media, you’ll find all the functionalities easily accessible.

However, there might be a bit of a learning curve as Simplified offers so many different tools all-in-one. With some practice, you can make the most of what the tool offers.

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Tips for using Simplified

Here are a few tips for using Simplified:

  • Start with a clear goal – know what you want to create before you start. This helps you choose the right tool and features in Simplified
  • Explore templates – they’re like helpful starting points for your projects, especially if you’re new to designing or writing
  • Experiment with AI suggestions – don’t be afraid to try out the AI suggestions. They can give you some great ideas or improvements for your content
  • Customize to your style – even though you’re using AI, remember to add your personal touch. Adjust the colors, fonts, or writing style to match what you like.
  • Take advantage of tutorials – if you get stuck, look for tutorials or guides. Simplified often has helpful resources to guide you.
  • Save your work regularly – always save your work as you go. You don’t want to lose your progress if something unexpected happens
  • Utilize the social media tools – if you’re into social media, make full use of the scheduling and posting features. They can save you a lot of time
  • Ask for feedback – share your work with friends or colleagues to get their opinions. Feedback can help you improve your creations.
  • Keep learning – the more you use Simplified, the better you’ll get. So keep playing around with it and learn all the cool things it can do!

By following these tips, you can make the most out of Simplified, making your content creation journey fun and effective.

Simplified Customer Support and Guides

If you need help while using Simplified, their customer support team is ready to assist you. 

You can reach out to them through a few different ways:

  • Help center – here, you can find answers to common questions and learn how to use different features of the tool
  • Email support – this is usually the best option if you have detailed questions or need technical help.
  • Live chat – this is a quick way to get answers to simple questions.
  • Social Media – you can also contact them through their social media channels, like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Apart from official support, there are other places where you can find helpful guides and tutorials for Simplified. Their YouTube channel has many straightforward tutorials on how to use their tools. You can find Subreddits on Reddit with other users looking for similar advice on Simplified tools. And there are tons of blogs, articles, and forums where you can find more information on how other users are utilizing Simplified.

Remember, while seeking help, always check the credibility of the source to ensure you’re getting accurate and reliable information.

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Simplified Integrations

Simplified integrates with various external platforms to enhance its functionality and streamline the workflow for users. These integrations are designed to work seamlessly with Simplified, making it a more versatile and efficient tool.

Here’s a table detailing the top integrations and how these could benefit you:

Integration NameWhat’s the benefit?
Google DriveUsers can save and access their Simplified files directly in Google Drive. This is great for organizing and sharing work easily.
ShopifySimplified can export content directly to your Shopify store, simplifying the process of updating product descriptions or adding new products.
Chrome ExtensionThis extension allows users to access Simplified features right from their browser, saving time and enhancing workflow efficiency.
Plagiarism CheckerEnsures the originality of the content created in Simplified, maintaining the quality and integrity of your work.
1-Click WordPress ExportSimplifies content uploading to WordPress sites, making it faster and more efficient to update or add new posts and pages.
1-Click Shopify ExportStreamlines the process of updating or adding new product descriptions and details to your Shopify store.
Media Stock LibraryProvides access to a wide range of stock images and videos, enabling users to enhance their content with high-quality visuals.

These integrations collectively enhance the user experience by providing additional tools and functionalities that integrate directly with Simplified’s core offerings. They make Simplified more than just a content creation tool by tying it into broader content management and e-commerce ecosystems​​.

Simplified Pricing


Simplified’s pricing structure is designed for various user needs, offering a range of plans from a cost-free option to more advanced paid versions.

Their Free Forever plan is ideal for newcomers, providing essential features for starting out. The paid plans include Pro, Business, and Agency, each with increasing limits and features. Apart from the monthly billing plan, they offer significant discounts with the annual plans.

Here’s a detailed pricing table for Simplified’s products and plans:

PlanAI WriterGraphic DesignVideo EditorSocial Media
ProFrom $11/moFrom $9/moFrom $11/moFrom $18/mo
BusinessFrom $29/moFrom $18/moFrom $29/moFrom $29/mo
AgencyFrom $119/moFrom $119/mo

Features Across Different Plans:

  • Free plan – offers essential AI writing templates, access to a vast media stock library, and basic design tools.
  • Pro plan – includes advanced AI writing with GPT 3.5 & 4, AI Blog Wizard, Plagiarism Checker, multiple language support, and more.
  • Business plan – expands on Pro with API access, more words, additional team seats, and enhanced collaborative features.
  • Agency plan – tailored for large teams and agencies, offering the highest word limit, extensive brand management tools, and in-depth collaboration capabilities.

Also, if you need more than the limitations set with the Agency plan, contact their sales team for a custom offer.

Does Simplified offer a money back guarantee?

No, Simplified doesn’t offer a money back guarantee. They have a Free Forever plan to help users understand the tool’s capabilities without any financial risk. This plan remains free indefinitely, allowing exploration of limited features at no cost​​.

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Simplified vs Alternatives comparison

When looking for a great AI tool for content creation, Simplified stands out with its unique features. But how does it stack up against its main competitors: Jasper AI,, and Writesonic? These tools are all popular for helping with writing, designing, and more.

Simplified is known for its ease of use and all-in-one approach, offering AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and social media tools. Jasper AI shines in AI writing, is a favorite for AI-driven copywriting, and Writesonic is great for diverse content like blogs and social media posts.

Let’s compare them to see which tool might be the best for different needs:

SimplifiedJasper AICopy.aiWritesonic
Notable FeaturesAI Writer, Graphic Design, Video Editor, Social Media ManagementAI writing assistant for various content typesAI-powered copywriting toolAI writing tool for content like blog posts, landing pages, emails
Target UsersMarketing teams, content creators, small businessesContent creators, marketers, entrepreneursCopywriters, content marketers, small businessesDigital marketing agencies, bloggers, independent content creators
Starting PriceAll-in-one package from from $49/moFrom $39/moFrom $36/moFrom $13/mo
Free TrialFree Forever plan with limited featuresFree 7-day trialFree Forever plan with limited featuresFree Forever plan with limited features

Each tool has its strengths, so the best choice depends on what you need:

  • Simplified is great if you want an all-in-one solution for different content types
  • Jasper AI is perfect for those who need strong AI writing assistance, especially for SEO
  • is ideal for marketers needing help with copywriting
  • Writesonic suits those who need varied content for blogs or social media.

Conclusion: Is Simplified the Best Choice for Marketing Professionals?

In the world of AI tools for marketing, Simplified stands out as a versatile and customizable option. It combines AI writing, graphic design, video editing, and social media management into one platform.

This makes it a great choice for marketing professionals looking for an all-in-one solution. Whether you’re creating content, designing graphics, editing videos, or managing social media, Simplified offers tools that are easy to use and effective.

Compared to its competitors like Jasper AI,, and Writesonic, Simplified provides a unique blend of functionalities that appeals to a broad range of marketing needs. While other tools may specialize in specific areas like AI writing or copywriting, Simplified brings multiple tools together, saving time and streamlining the content creation process.

So, if you’re a marketing professional seeking a comprehensive tool that covers various aspects of digital marketing, Simplified could be the ideal choice for you.