Article Forge vs ChatGPT: Which one for creating articles?

In this comparison, we dive into the capabilities of two leading AI writing tools, Article Forge and ChatGPT, to determine which is the superior choice for your content needs. Both tools have made a significant impact in the realm of digital content creation, but they serve different purposes and have unique strengths.

Article Forge and ChatGPT each stand out for their distinct features: Article Forge excels in creating SEO-optimized articles automatically, while ChatGPT is known for its versatile conversational capabilities and wide-ranging content generation. In this review, we’ll closely examine and compare these aspects to see which tool better fits various writing requirements.

Article Forge vs ChatGPT review: Quick overview

Article ForgeChatGPT
Ease of UseStraightforwardVery user-friendly
StabilityReliableOccasionally busy
Customer ServiceEfficientResponsive
PriceMonthly/yearly plansFree with a premium option

Article Forge’s main features:

  • Writes full articles
  • SEO-focused
  • Includes images/videos
  • Customizable content
  • Monthly or yearly payment

ChatGPT’s main features:

  • Conversational style
  • Wide range of topics
  • Free version available
  • Quick responses
  • Easy to interact with

Article Forge vs ChatGPT: Key differences

FeatureArticle ForgeChatGPT
PurposeWriting SEO-optimized articlesGenerating a wide range of written content
Content TypeLong-form articlesConversational, diverse formats
CustomizationSpecific article topics, length, and styleAdaptable to various writing styles
User interactionKeyword-based instructionsInteractive and conversational prompts
SEO optimizationHighly focused on SEONot specifically focused on SEO
MultimediaIncludes images and videosText-only
IntegrationCan publish directly to websitesRequires manual posting
PricingMonthly/yearly subscriptionFree with a premium option

Article Forge and ChatGPT are both powerful tools, but they serve different purposes. Article Forge is great for creating long articles that are ready to be put on websites, especially for SEO. You can tell it what to write about, and it even adds pictures and videos. It’s like having a tool that writes blog posts for you.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is like a smart helper that can write about a lot of different things. It’s really good at talking and writing in many styles, but it doesn’t focus on SEO or add pictures and videos. ChatGPT is great for when you need help writing something like an essay, a story, or even help with homework.

So, if you need articles for a website that should show up in Google searches, Article Forge is a better choice. But if you want help with lots of different writing tasks, ChatGPT would be more helpful. Plus, ChatGPT can be used for free, while Article Forge has a subscription fee.

Article Forge: Key features and benefits


  • Automatic Article Creation – just type in what you want to write about, and it makes a full article for you.
  • SEO Optimization – the articles are made to be liked by Google, helping your website get noticed.
  • Add Images and Videos – it can automatically put in pictures and videos, making your articles more interesting.
  • Customizable Content Length – you can choose how long you want your article to be.
  • Easy Integration with Websites – it can send your articles directly to your website.
  • Bulk Article Generation – write many articles at once, saving time.
  • Content in Different Languages – write articles in languages other than English.
  • WordAI Integration – uses another tool to make sure the writing sounds natural.

ChatGPT: Key features and benefits


  • Conversational Writing – ChatGPT can talk with you like a friend, helping with writing that sounds natural and friendly.
  • Wide Range of Topics – it knows about a lot of things, so you can ask it to write on almost any subject.
  • Customizable Content – you can ask ChatGPT to write in different styles or tones, making it fit for many needs.
  • Coding Help – if you’re into computers, ChatGPT can even help write or fix code.
  • Learning and Education Support – great for homework help or learning new things.
  • Language Translation – it can translate words or sentences into other languages.
  • Creative Writing – ChatGPT is good at making stories, poems, and even jokes.
  • Easy to Use – just type what you need, and ChatGPT responds quickly.

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Article Forge vs ChatGPT: Which one is easier to use?

AspectArticle ForgeChatGPT
Sign-Up ProcessSimple, choose a planVery simple, free option
InterfaceUser-friendly, clear optionsLike a chat, very intuitive
Finding FunctionalitiesStraightforward, well-labeledEasy, conversational guidance
Overall Ease of UseEasy, more structuredVery easy, more flexible

Both Article Forge and ChatGPT are user-friendly and have easy sign-up processes. Article Forge offers a more structured approach, which is great for creating specific types of articles, while ChatGPT offers a more flexible, conversational interface that is very intuitive even for beginners.

To start using Article Forge, you need to visit their website and sign up for an account. You’ll have to provide some basic information like your email address. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose a subscription plan. They offer different plans depending on how much you want to use the tool.

The interface of Article Forge is pretty easy to understand. Think of it like using a simple app on your phone. Once you log in, you’ll see options to create a new article. You just have to type in your main topic or keyword, and the tool starts working on your article. Finding all the features like setting the length of the article or adding images is straightforward because they’re clearly labeled.


For ChatGPT, you also need to go to their website to create an account. You can start using ChatGPT for free, and if you want more features, they have a premium version too. The free version works fine for most basic needs.

ChatGPT’s interface is as simple as chatting with a friend online. When you open ChatGPT, you’ll find a chatbox where you can type your questions or what you want the tool to write. It’s very user-friendly, and finding how to use different functionalities is easy because you’re basically just chatting. The tool guides you through its capabilities as you use it.


Article Forge vs ChatGPT: Integrations

Article Forge offers several integrations mainly focused on content management and SEO tools. Here are a few popular integrations for Article Forge:

IntegrationHow it works?Benefit
WordPressAutomatically posts articles directly to your WordPress siteSaves time by streamlining the process of publishing content online
SEO AutopilotIntegrates to assist in creating SEO-optimized contentImproves the SEO of your articles, enhancing online visibility
WordAIEnhances the quality of the generated contentProduces more natural and human-like articles

ChatGPT, being part of the OpenAI ecosystem, has numerous integrations across various platforms, especially in coding and content generation. Here are a few popular integrations for ChatGPT:

IntegrationHow it works?Benefit
SlackChatGPT can be integrated into Slack for automated responses and assistanceEnhances workplace productivity by providing quick and efficient responses
TelegramCan be used within Telegram for automated chatting and information retrievalOffers convenience by providing information and interaction within the messaging app
Coding Platforms (like GitHub)Assists in code generation and debugging on programming platformsAids developers in coding more efficiently and solving programming problems

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Article Forge vs ChatGPT Pricing


Article Forge offers a subscription-based pricing model with a 5-day free trial. The monthly subscription price depends on the amount of words you want Article Forge to write (starting from 25,000 words/month). There’s also a Business plan if you need more words and additional features on top of the standard account.


ChatGPT provides both a free version and a premium subscription. The free plan runs on GPT-3.5 and the premium version on GPT-4.0. However, the latter has a limit of 40 prompts per 3 hours.

Here’s a summary on Article Forge and ChatGPT pricing info:

Article ForgeChatGPT
Free plan5-day free trialFree plan
Paid planStarting from $13/mo with an annual subscriptionStarting from $20/mo
Enterprise planYes, contact salesYes, starting from $25/mo per user
Money back guarantee30-dayNo

Money Back Guarantee

Yes, Article Forge offers a 30-day money back guarantee for a full refund. And, they also offer a 5-day free trial that you can cancel anytime for new users to test the service.

No, ChatGPT doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. The free version allows you to experience the tool before deciding to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

Article Forge or ChatGPT: Which One is Best for You?

Choosing between Article Forge and ChatGPT comes down to:

What do you want to do?

  • If you’re into blogging or content marketing, especially for SEO, Article Forge is your go-to.
  • For a broader range of writing tasks like schoolwork, creative writing, or coding, ChatGPT is better.

What’s your budget?

  • Article Forge has a subscription cost, so it’s good if you have a budget for content tools.
  • ChatGPT offers a free version, which is great if you want to save money or try it out first.

What are your expectations?

  • Expect SEO-friendly, ready-to-publish articles? Choose Article Forge.
  • Looking for a tool that’s easy to chat with and can write in many styles? Go for ChatGPT.

Remember, the best choice depends on your specific needs, how much you can spend, and what you expect from an AI writing tool. Choose the one that aligns best with your goals and tasks.

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